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RuleGen is a database consulting and tools company. Our specialty is designing relational databases and implementing them using the Oracle RDBMS. More specifically, we specialize in the data integrity constraint design and implementation. This is what the AM4DP book co-authored by Toon and Lex is all about. We can help you design a proper relational database that fits the requirements of your application.

Enforcing data integrity constraints at the database level leads to data quality assurance. However doing this job right is more complex than meets the eye. This is where the RuleGen framework that we provide enters the stage: it takes care of generating the complex pl/sql code required to enforce data integrity constraints at the database level. With RuleGen we provide your database developers with the proper tooling to enforce data integrity, and hence, to assure data quality.

Enforcing data integrity constraints at the database level is also the first stepping stone in adopting a database centric approach to application development, which is something we highly subscribe to (see our vision).




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RuleGen 3.0 released

With the open architecture of release 3.0, RuleGen has set the path for the future. Improved code generation, transparent code deployment, and separation of design and runtime, are some of the key highlights of this new release.

Available now: AM4DP

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A great textbook about data integrity constraints in relational databases. This book describes the key concepts on which RuleGen is based. Click image to see reviews at Amazon, or here for quotes found on internet.