AM4DP: what others say about the book

"We welcome this contribution to the database literature"
"A thinly veiled wake up call to DBMS vendors"

Hugh Darwen and Chris Date

"The mathematics that you learn in this book will certainly put you above the level of understanding of most database professionals"
"I enjoyed reading this book"

Mitchell Wheat (Australia)

"Best math book ever"
"It is a must-have for anyone serious about truly understanding why databases work the way they do"
"no database education can be complete without it"

D. Reynolds "Dratz" (United States)

"A very valuable volume on the relational model"
"Much of value in this book for the seasoned SQL practitioner"
"A solid, sound theoretical basis that will serve very well throughout a career with databases"

SeánMacGC (Ireland)

"A new and outstanding contribution to the literature"

Jorwell (United States) 

"Every database developer should understand the concepts this book examines"
"I consider this a must read"
"I can't recommend the book enough" 

James Luetkehoelter (United States) 

"If you're responsible for the design, correctness, or performance of any relational database system, whether you class yourself as a developer or DBA, you should read this book." 

Jonathan Lewis (UK) 

"This book is a very good introduction to the foundations of database design for an intermediate or advanced audience with some previous experience in database design and development." 

ACM review by K. Balogh


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RuleGen 3.0 released

With the open architecture of release 3.0, RuleGen has set the path for the future. Improved code generation, transparent code deployment, and separation of design and runtime, are some of the key highlights of this new release.

Available now: AM4DP

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A great textbook about data integrity constraints in relational databases. This book describes the key concepts on which RuleGen is based. Click image to see reviews at Amazon, or here for quotes found on internet.