The RuleGen designtime generator is licensed per development database. You can license three flavors of RuleGen:

  • Express Edition, which is limited to generating 50 rules in one schema.
    Suitable for small (tactical) applications, with a low entry price.
  • Standard Edition, which is limited to generating 100 rules across any number of schemas.
    Suitable for average sized applications.
  • Enterprise Edition, which provides for unlimited generation of rules.
    Suitable for large enterprise sized applications.

The RuleGen runtime (RT) environment is also licensed per database, but is free of charge. So you license the RuleGen designtime (DT) on your development database and install free of charge the RuleGen run-time on your (upstream) test, acceptance, etc. + production database environments.


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RuleGen 3.0 released

With the open architecture of release 3.0, RuleGen has set the path for the future. Improved code generation, transparent code deployment, and separation of design and runtime, are some of the key highlights of this new release.

Available now: AM4DP

Click to see book on Amazon

A great textbook about data integrity constraints in relational databases. This book describes the key concepts on which RuleGen is based. Click image to see reviews at Amazon, or here for quotes found on internet.