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 We are currently working on release 3.1 and will tweet about progress and new features in this release.

Coming January 13st, we will be delivering an expert session on Logic and Set Theory and how these two mathematical disciplines relate to SQL. You''ll discover how SQL lacks certain operators that we have available in the fields of logic and set theory. This sometimes blocks you in quickly writing down certain queries. You'll learn how to deal with this, by rewriting the operators into operators that are available in the SQL language. Checkout the course description (in Dutch) at Vijfharts website.







News & Events

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RuleGen 3.0 released

With the open architecture of release 3.0, RuleGen has set the path for the future. Improved code generation, transparent code deployment, and separation of design and runtime, are some of the key highlights of this new release.

Available now: AM4DP

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A great textbook about data integrity constraints in relational databases. This book describes the key concepts on which RuleGen is based. Click image to see reviews at Amazon, or here for quotes found on internet.